Sales May Come and They May Go

Today was a good day. On Monday, I got a call from a buyers agent on one of my short sales. He said the buyers had enough waiting, they wanted out of the contract. Sound familiar? Great offer, financing was great, the bank which will be left unmentioned dragged their feet and took 4 months.

I immediately looked for the negotiators phone number so I could get an escalation (the third one) on the file and found an e-mail from the bank approving the short sale. I quickly called the buyers agent telling him our exciting news only to find out that the buyers were no longer moving to Florida. We had a generous escrow and an extension into September.  The buyers dad had become ill and there was no chance of changing their mind.

After telling my sellers the GOOD and BAD news, we agreed to release them. Alas, today I get a call to show the property. A cash buyer is scooping it up! LOL Good carma continues.

Another short sales offers had been declined 4 times. It was an FHA loan, barely short and the appraisal done 6 months ago did not take much into consideration of all the work that was needed. Without one phone call, the negotiator had just kept declining via e-mail with NO response from my calls and requests. He told me it was being sent to the deed-in-lieu department. I wrote a letter to the complaint department. At first the response letter acted as we had no history and we should start over. Then yesterday I received a call from a new negotiator who had read my file. She had decided to get another appraisal done.

The appraiser was out today and took lots of photos of the described damage. She said as she was walking out, you should have no problems.

Yeah!! Two points for the Metts Group.

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