Tarpon Springs FL

Tarpon Springs and Sponge Docks

Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks

The City of Tarpon Springs in Florida is a beautiful town filled with Greek culture. It is a city with so many opportunities for entertainment, and is widely known of in Pinellas County. One of the most famous areas are the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks, a fun and relaxed area of Tarpon Springs. The streets are lined with small shops that you can spend the day exploring. When at the Sponge Docks, you will see many boats docked in the water right next to you. Many of these boats will have hundreds of sponges on them. They’re famous for their sponges! You can buy all types of Tarpon Springs sponges, as well as shells, in almost any shop at the Sponge Docks.

Greek desserts

Greek desserts in Tarpon Springs FL- Yum!

When exploring, don’t forget to check out the amazing food in the Tarpon Springs restaurants. You will find that they serve authentic Greek cuisine as well as fresh seafood. This city is absolute paradise for someone who loves seafood. And what better way to finish off the day than with a mouth-watering dessert? Greek bakeries can be found throughout the Sponge Docks as well. You can find them inside certain restaurants, and on their own as well.

While the food is delicious, Tarpon Springs FL has so much more to offer. There is an aquarium, sightseeing tours and dolphin cruises, fishing opportunities, an antiques district, many festivals, and more! Stay updated on the events going on in Tarpon Springs here.

Sunset Beach, Tarpon Springs Florida

Two gorgeous sunsets at Sunset Beach,
in Tarpon Springs, FL

Fred Howard State Park is my favorite hide a way. When I first moved down here, this is where I spent my days windsurfing. What a diamond in paradise. Mushroom shaped beach gives different wind angles for windsurfers. Another great place to visit in Tarpon Springs Florida is Sunset Beach. This beach is very appropriately named, because it is the perfect place to see the sunset. It gives you an almost panorama view of the water, and at sunset it will take your breath away. Bring your family or friends for some beach fun, or to simply take in the beauty and relax- that’s what Florida is all about.

NP_204265_WIGI_epiphany_3.jpg Slug epiphany Pub Section REG S

Boys dive from a boat to retrieve the cross at the Tarpon Springs Epiphany celebration.

Something very important and interesting about Tarpon Springs FL is its Epiphany celebration. This is a religious Greek Orthodox celebration that occurs on January 6th. Every year on this day, Tarpon Springs FL’s population triples as Greek Americans come from all over the United States to witness this event. The day consists of a blessing of the waters and the boats. Then, a wooden cross is thrown into the Spring Bayou where boys within the ages of 16 and 18 dive to retrieve it. The boy that returns with the cross is then said to be blessed for a year. Afterwards, there is a huge celebration at the Sponge Docks for the Tarpon Springs Epiphany.

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