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Concessions Make Your Home More Marketable

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Sellers offer concessions as an incentive to encourage buyers to purchase their home. The concessions, paid for by the seller, benefit the buyer in ways that may be more appealing than possibly, being able to purchase the home for a lower price. In some situations, buyers have good income, credit, and even the down payment to purchase a home but not necessarily enough cash reserves to pay their closing costs. Another possibility is that there could be a feature in the home that the buyer wants replaced but can’t afford to do it themselves. If the seller agrees to make that improvement,...

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Building Your Home Buying Team

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There are a lot of professionals involved in the homebuying process. And when these people can function as a team, the buyer is much more likely to end up where they want to be…in their new home. The lender is an integral part of the team unless you are going to be paying cash. Trust is very important when selecting this person because they are going to qualify you for the mortgage you need. The interest rate and fees should be fair based on your credit, income, and the market. You’ll want someone who can close at the rate and terms that were quoted. In a rising market, you may...

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Securing Your Retirement

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Social Security was established, on August 14, 1935, to take care of the country’s elderly in their retirement years. Today, about 65 million or 1/6 of Americans collect benefits and the average monthly retirement amount received in January 2022 was $1,614 per month or about $19,370 per year. This annual Social Security benefits exceed the 2022 Federal poverty level of $13,590 for individuals and $18, 310 for a family of two but from a practical level, it is nowhere near enough to be comfortable in your "Golden Years." Every adult in the work force, can go to to find...

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Homeowners Need Resources

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Managing an asset worth hundreds of thousands of dollars is a responsibility that requires attention to details such as timely payment of the mortgage, home repairs and maintenance, upkeep, and oversight on financial issues including taxes, insurance, and other things. Depending on how long you’ve been a homeowner, you may have faced some of the decisions common to homeownership. Occasionally, there could be something new that you haven’t had to deal with in the past. This is where having a resource you can rely on becomes valuable. During the buying or selling process, it is...

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Waiting for the Mortgage Rates to Come Down?

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Waiting for the mortgage rates to come down before you buy a home may not be a good decision. If you are correct, and the rates do come down by two percent, the savings you benefit from a lower rate will most likely be devoured by the appreciated price increase. As of 10/27/22, the 30-year fixed-rate was at 7.08% which is the highest level since April 2002. If the rate drops to 5% in three years but the price increases by 5% a year, a $400,000 home today, will cost $463,050 three years from now. An increasingly popular option that more buyers are considering is to purchase the home today...

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